Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Dependent Girl

John Sexton:
Fearless Girl isn’t competition with Charging Bull, that would imply it could stand on its own.  In fact, Fearless Girl is weak and entirely dependent on another piece of art it has co-opted, not unlike "Pissing Pug."


Party of Women

I don't want to hear one damn thing about a "war on women" from anyone who belongs to the party of Kennedy and Clinton.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


More Idiocy from the Party of Science

Steven Hayward has a small sample of images and tweets from last weekend's "March for Science" here.  A few examples from the science appropriators...

No, they're not.  Of course, these people believe that "gender studies" is an actual science, so bulls#%t like this isn't surprising.

No, it's not.  Questions for the "science" marchers: How many human genders are there?  What determines human gender?

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Monday, March 13, 2017


Wage Gap Lie

Ashe Schow:
Audi also basically debunked their own Super Bowl ad on Twitter. After tweeting their commercial, one woman responded, asking if Audi pays their female workers less. 
"You pay your female employees less than males?" she asked. "You know that's against the law, right?"

Audi’s official Twitter account responded: "When we account for all the various factors that go into pay, women at Audi are on par with their male counterparts."

So when they have a wage gap, it’s due to "factors," but everyone else's wage gap is due to discrimination. This is the same tactic the Obama White House used when it was discovered women, on average, were earning less than men. The gap was due to more women in junior positions, with more men in senior positions. But when earnings are compared, women as a whole are compared to men as a whole.



Party of Science

Jazz Shaw:
Just this morning I was watching a report on CNN which included an interview with the mother of a four-year-old "transgender boy" who was complaining loudly about the new White House policy. In case you missed that, allow me to repeat. A four year old child. Who in their right mind thinks that a four-year-old is in a position to make that sort of decision? This is a liberal activist mother who is setting up her daughter for a lifetime of confusion and very likely an extended and expensive stint on a psychiatrist’s couch.
And David French:
Not long ago, if school policies purposefully exposed girls to male genitals, they’d be subject to a backbreaking sexual harassment lawsuit. Suddenly, however, "tolerance" looks a lot like indecent exposure, and indecent exposure is what freedom looks like. This is beyond strange. I’m certain Cuomo would still object to a member of the football team walking straight into a girl’s locker room and disrobing, but he not only doesn’t object to the exact same anatomical features if they’re attached to a trans "girl," he condems [sic] those who feel uncomfortable.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Their choice, their problem

Andrew C. McCarthy:
Beyond that, illegal immigrants who choose to stay here take their chances.  The thing I have never understood about proposals for "comprehensive immigration reform" is the presumption that it is our obligation as Americans not only to address but to cure the illegal status of people who choose to violate our laws by entering our country illegally or overstaying their legal permission to remain here.  If you are an illegal alien in this country, that is your choice and therefore your problem, not mine. (Caveat: I am not talking about "DREAMers"; they are a comparatively small category of people who were brought here as children, whose illegal status is not their fault, and who have never known any home other than the United States.)

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Party of Science

Jazz Shaw:
While there had been rumors swirling for a while, I was still highly disappointed when I saw a tweet coming from the office of New York’s Governor this morning proclaiming his "victory" in moving to close the Indian Point nuclear power plant.
And for what?  Indian Point has an above average safety record and is one of the more profitable properties owned by Entergy.  In fact, the plant was recently awarded the highest possible safety rating by federal regulators, as it has for a number of years running.  What exactly is Cuomo worried about in terms of safety considerations… an earthquake?  The last one to hit anywhere near here didn’t manage to knock over any lawn chairs. Is he perhaps worried about a tsunami?  Take a look at where Indian Point is located.  If a tsunami reaches that location you’ll have much bigger fish to fry because all of New York City will have been destroyed first.
So, here's the deal, if you are a global warming alarmist, you don't get to oppose nuclear energy.  It's really that simple.


Friday, December 30, 2016


Coolidge and Clinton

John Hinderaker:
Blaming the Depression on Coolidge is moronic, but I have always wondered why liberal economists, to be consistent, don’t blame the collapse and ensuing recession on Bill Clinton, thereby negating the supposed economic achievements of his administration.  That would make a lot more sense, actually.  Not everyone remembers - most would prefer to forget - that the NASDAQ dropped from 5047 to 1114, a 78% decline, between March 2000 and October 2002.  This was the mess that greeted George W. Bush when he took office.  Funny how the press never uses that disaster to negate the achievements - which in a few respects were real - of the Clinton administration.


Playing Hardball at the UN

Martin Karo (via Scott Johnson at Power Line):
After the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, declaring that all Israeli building and activity in any territory captured in the 1967 war (the third war imposed on the Israelis) is illegal under international law, Donald Trump immediately vowed that things will be different come January 20.  Virtually all Democrats in Congress immediately went on record opposing the Obama Administration’s feckless betrayal of Israel as well.  Chuck Schumer purported to be particularly outraged.  In order to convert outrage to action, herewith a modest proposal for the first law to be presented to and passed by the Congress under the Trump Administration:

Whereas, it is a bedrock principle of the United States, and a sound principle generally, that no peace deal may be imposed by outside parties on any party not directly involved in any conflict; and

Whereas, said principle is especially relevant in the context of Israel and the Palestinians, and the conflict that has embroiled that region since the passage of the UN plan partitioning the British Mandate;

The following provisions of law are hereby enacted:

Section 1. The United States does not recognize, and repudiates, UN Security Council Resolution 2334.  Said act shall have no force whatsoever within the United States, shall in no way influence any action of the Government of the United States, and shall not be observed in any way by any company that does business in the United States, except as necessary to carry out the following provisions of law.

Section 2. The United States shall, at the next meeting of the United Nations Security Council, introduce a resolution formally revoking UNSC 2334 and reaffirming that any peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians must and shall be negotiated and concluded between those parties only.  This resolution shall be reintroduced by the United States at every UNSC session until it is passed.

Section 3. The United States Treasury is directed to reduce all United States payments or transfers to the United Nations, and all constituent elements thereof, to match those of New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal, or Venezuela, whichever is least, until UNSC 2334 is revoked.  The United Nations seeks to force the United States to follow the political contributions of those nations; consequently it shall be limited to the economic contributions provided by those nations.

Section 4. The United States shall revoke and withhold any direct or indirect aid to the Palestinians, or any organization that in any way assists the Palestinians, until UNSC 2334 is revoked pursuant to Section 2.

Section 5. No bank registered in the United States shall do any business whatsoever with any country that proposed, voted for or recognizes UNSC 2334, or with any bank registered in such countries, for any purpose, without an explicit waiver from the United States Congress.  No bank registered in any country which recognizes UNSC 2334 shall do any business whatsoever in the United States or with any bank registered in the United States, without an explicit waiver from the United States Congress.

Section 6. The provisions of Sections 1 - 4 of this Act shall be effective immediately.  The provisions of Section 5 shall be effective six months from the passage of this Act.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Creating the Narrative

John Hinderaker:
What is going on here is painfully obvious. The New York Times and the Associated Press are collaborating in an attempt to smear and delegitimize Donald Trump by tying him to a purported "movement" of white supremacists called the alt-right. No doubt many other liberal news organizations will join in, in order to advance the interests of their party.

The "alt-right" is mostly a figment of the liberal media’s imagination. I have been active in the conservative movement for decades, and know hundreds, perhaps thousands, of conservatives of all stripes. Yet I had never heard of the "alt-right" until the Democrats started promoting it during the current election season. The supposed leader of the white supremacist movement is a young man named Richard Spencer. I learned this a few minutes ago by Googling. I had never heard of Mr. Spencer, and virtually no one had heard of him until the Democrats decided to portray him as the leader of a fictitious "movement" that they then tied to Republicans.

Disavowing nobodies like this, or nobodies like David Duke, who ran for office many years ago and now survives by being a "former KKK leader" whom the press can quote in order to discredit Republicans–forgetting, apparently, that the Ku Klux Klan was the militant arm of the Democratic Party in the South–is a fool's game. The more Trump does it, the more the press will report that he is disavowing such otherwise-unknown elements "again," in a futile effort to "distance himself" from people of whom, for the most part, he probably has never heard.

How should Trump respond to such demands for disavowal? Aggressively, as he did during the campaign, but too often has failed to do since being elected. How about Hillary Clinton, he should ask. Has she disavowed the support of the American Communist Party, which urged its followers to vote for her?

Mr. Hinderaker concludes,
So, Hillary, how about it? Communism has killed thousands of times as many people as the KKK. Is Hillary comfortable with enjoying the support of the Communist Party? Why doesn’t anyone ask her that question? Well, sure. The answer is obvious.

And has Hillary Clinton–or any other Democrat, for that matter–disavowed the rioters who have brought destruction to cities across America in the days since their candidate lost? I have not seen a single such disavowal from any prominent Democrat, let alone Mrs. Clinton. Has Hillary disavowed the support of the goons who beat a Trump supporter nearly to death in Chicago? Nope. Has she disavowed the support of the Democrats who are threatening to murder electors who cast ballots for Donald Trump, the winner of the presidential election? Nope.

Trump should tell the press to go talk to Hillary about her disreputable supporters. Once she has renounced them, they can come back to Donald with their questions.

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